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Chanda Chaudhary

On a quest to scour the world for avant-garde design & authentic luxe, I’m happiest when discovering a new place – it’s history, unusual sites, best eats and unique experiences. A decor stylist by the day and blogger by sunset, my greatest joy is in story telling – whether it is helping you build a home which tells a story about who you are and what you love, or walking into the heart of a distant city to discover who she is & her people are. When not working or writing, I’m either watching a Bollywood film or hosting long champagne lunches.

Blog Truth : In a world where blogging is ‘big business’, I keep this blog honest by paying for every experience and doing my own research. It’s written entirely for like-minded readers who are discerning, love luxury and in pursuit of authentic experiences and objects.

As for brands and creative folk, please note that I don’t accept freebies, gifts or complimentary. No matter what name you call it by, I cannot accept it. Having said that, if you’ve built it with passion and made it fabulous, please share it with me by writing to spinningwithcc@yahoo.com and I promise to explore it.

Life’s mantra : She believed she could, so she did.

Home : Where Toro – my English Mastiff  – lives, which is currently in Goa, India.


Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks.
But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.
– Steve Jobs

Unlike Art, which is primarily a monologue about artist’s philosophy; Design is a dialogue – between the designer and the end-user. I’ve spent the last decade working in both art and design and to my mind, it is functionality (and functionality alone) which separates these two worlds.

Posts in this section – whether they are about objects, styling, inspired-living or coolhunting – are about creating beauty in context of usability. Its my personal belief that design must first serve . There is no point filling a beautiful side table with books, artefacts and travel souvenirs leaving little or no space to rest your cup of tea. Right? Hence, this section is not titled a design life instead it’s called Living with Design.

Styling is different from Interior Decorating. Choosing a coffee table is decorating, whereas what to place on that table, where to put it, how to layer it and how to make it look great without compromising its practical and day-to-day use is Styling. Styling is deliberate and delicate. Whether you are trying to achieve a minimalist or an opulent look, objects have to be

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chosen and placed perfectly so the rooms don’t end up either lukewarm or over-the-top. The only way to learn this balance is to develop an ‘eye’, and the only way to develop the eye is look at as many styles as possible. Posts in this section are about looking at hundreds of styles through tightly curated mood-boards to showcase ‘best of’ inspirations for the said look.

Design Narrative is written purely for the love of design and to share the extraordinary stories of every-day objects with fellow design-enthusiasts. These posts tend to be in long form as we explore the origin, evolution and contemporary avatars of the said object. So sit back in your most comfy chair (or couch for that matter), find a nice drink and read these when you have the time to spare.

I keep talking about homes as visual and three dimensional stories of our unique lives. Our memories. Our heritage. Our choices. And there are homes (and people) who tell their stories marvellously. Inspired living is about taking a peek into spaces which combine personal story with effortless style.

In our modern lives there is barely enough time to tick-ff the boxes in our ‘to-do’ lists, let alone go hunting for little treasures that make the ordinary extraordinary. Which is why I draw up these lists – tens of options for a teapot or a flower vase, so you don’t have to. I do want you to know that neither I nor my blog have any affiliation with the brands and objects I feature. These are simply objects I like and I share them with you,  as friends often do.


I love luxury. Sadly, Luxe is often misunderstood. Often luxury is associated with ‘showing-off’ , or it’s considered anti-socialist, and sometimes, to my complete despair an ugly over-the-top display of wealth (think : gold commodes).

Luxury, to me, is about details, textures, layers, about using exquisite materials and patronising great craftsmanship. And in that spirit, posts in this section are about objects or places which appeal to

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such sensibilities.


When I was a few months short of 17, I met with a terrible accident that kept me immobile for almost a year. To amuse myself, I’d think about traveling. This was the pre-internet era, so I’d have my family and friends buy every Lonely Planet Guide they could get their hands on. I remember making fervent lists (upon lists) of places I wanted to visit, the monument and building I wanted to see, the restaurants I wanted to eat at etc etc. It didn’t matter whether I could walk to the loo or not, in my head I was zipping around the world – Paris, Cairo, Tasmania, LA, NY and everything in between.

And then one day, somewhere I bounced upon Mr Chesterton’s words :

The traveler sees what he sees,
the tourist sees what he has come to see


And that moment was the beginning of a life-long affair with travel memoirs (instead of travel guides) and traveling purely for the joy of nurturing my soul vs ticking off the boxes.

Posts in this section are divided in two parts.

These are mostly inspirational posts. Whether they are about the oldest teahouses in the world, or visiting delightful (and mostly queue free) museums such The Hermitage in Amsterdam or Bagatti Valsecchi in Milan, or just simply a collection of photographs of a certain place or town.

As name suggests, this is a diary of my own travels.


Sometimes I write about things twirling around in my head – good, bad, supernal or vile. And days which are constantly filled with love, life and all things spinning.