A curated life: In conversation with Tehzeeb Ahmed

March 31, 2017 5 mins read

5 min readIn conversation with Tehzeeb Ahmed on curating unique retail experiences which go beyond the normal scope of pop-up shows to ‘destination retail’ experiences where shopping comes with large scoops of fun.   In 30 seconds…. Passionate about curating memorable experiences, Dubai-based curator Tehzeeb Ahmed thinks of her pop-up shops as

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A curated life : In conversation with tastemakers and curators of cool

March 26, 2017 5 mins read

5 min readStarting with this post, I bring you a series of conversations with curators who have a strong entrepreneurial streak. These taste-makers curate the newest, most unique experiences across various disciplines of art, design and all things fabulous. First in the series is a conversation with Aarti Patkar, curator of The

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Goa-ing Beyond, part 3 : six unusual Goa experiences

March 23, 2017 3 mins read

3 min readCurated strictly for cool-hunters, these six unusual experiences are in equal parts fabulous as they are charming. Welcome to extraordinary Goa.   These truly unique Goa experiences were published originally in the Open Magazine issue dated 27th March. They are updated here with images, video and contact details.   Kerala House Boat

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Goa-ing beyond, part 2 : A discerning traveller’s ultimate guide to contemporary Goa

March 22, 2017 5 mins read

5 min readGoa’s greatest draw for tourists, both foreigner’s & Indians, is the experience of slow-paced India and its authentic cool vibe. Here is an insider’s guide to spaces and experiences which are world-class, unparalleled and far (far) away from the tourists or the ordinary. Welcome to exceptional Goa. This article was

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In Search of Beauty : 15 Best on-screen interiors & visually-inspiring rooms for your viewing pleasure

March 11, 2017 6 mins read

6 min readAs far as interiors inspiration goes, there is no better place to look than in the imagination of dream-spinners and image makers. Great production designers spend enormous time researching the past or exploring a fictional future to create authentic backdrop for their stories . Here is my edit of the

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