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21 Weird & Interesting Facts about Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2017 5 mins read

5 min readFrom its mysterious and rebellious beginning to becoming a multi million dollar industry – there is more to Valentines Day than love.   Romance, love, flowers and candy hearts, that’s what Valentine’s day is all about, right? Not exactly – from its bloody origins to chocolaty modern day traditions, here

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An Urduwala’s Poetic Response to 4 Greatest Love Letters Ever Written : The Ultimate Ode to Love

February 2, 2017 4 mins read

4 min read  Valentine’s Day is around the corner and in search for some magical words, I sent a personal selection of 4 most romantic love letters written by famous artists & authors to an effervescent champion of Urdu literature – Dr. Saif Mahmood – for some playful and love filled Jugalbandi. ‘Jugalbandi’ as you

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